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Chronic Constipation May Be a Sign of Something Serious

25 Nov 2015 | 121,788 Views

Chronic constipation affects 63 million people in the United States alone. This condition can trigger rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, and kidney problems and may also increase your risk of gastric cancer, rectal cancer, and ischemic colitis.

The Microscopic Zoo within Us

15 Aug 2012 | 66,337 Views

On your skin and within your body are more than 10,000 different kinds of microscopic organisms, each with a crucial role to play in your health.

Viruses Worldwide Battled by Gut Microbes

14 Jul 2012 | 246,085 Views

These tiny warriors help control your energy, weight, immune system function, and more. They are crucial if you want to live a healthy life instead of succumbing to the daily assault of viruses. Discover how to get them in optimal fighting condition today...

How Stress Wreaks Havoc on Your Gut -- And What to Do About It

09 Apr 2012 | 266,068 Views

Chronic stress causes a number of detrimental effects in your gut, with serious repercussions for both your mind and your body.

300mg of Krill Oil May Reduce Pain and Stiffness in 7 Days

02 Mar 2012 | 297,729 Views

It produces compounds which help quell inflammation before it can do too much damage to your tissues and helps with 100 different health conditions. But make sure you use this - the popular solution could do more harm than good in 25-50% of cases...

Eating This Can "Tear Holes" in Your Gut

21 Jan 2012 | 769,138 Views

Allowing various gut contents to flood into your bloodstream where they wreak havoc on your health, causing bloating, gas and abdominal cramps as well as fatigue, skin rashes, joint pain, allergies, psychological symptoms, autism and more. Stop eating it now...

If You're Tired or Constipated, This "Unusual Treatment" May Help

05 Dec 2011 | 254,467 Views

It's certainly unconventional, but it can treat a wide variety of health problems. If you suffer from gas and bloating, diarrhea, headaches or sugar cravings - then this critical part of your health may be compromised...

Splenda: It Can Destroy Your Immune System and Is Like Eating an Insecticide

10 Nov 2011 | 337,412 Views

Research shows this "safe" (and popular) substance can destroy up to 50% of your beneficial gut flora - and more closely resembles DDT once the manufacturing process is completed. If you have any of these mystery symptoms, stop using it now...

Can Inflammation in this Organ be at the Root of Your Depression?

06 Oct 2011 | 308,304 Views

Research is increasingly showing that inflammation in this vital area of your body could be one of the foundational causes of depression -- and it’s not your brain...

Even if You Eat "Perfectly", Not Knowing This Could Leave You Depressed

15 May 2011 | 284,317 Views

And there's a very simple reason why - the greatest concentration of serotonin, which is involved in mood control, depression and aggression, is found in your intestines, not your brain. But until you understand which of these 3 "gut types" you are, you'll be putting your mental health at risk...